Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vanessa and Naarah

These are two friends that wanted to go and get some hot "angel" shots for their portfolios. We had a good time even when we got yelled at for being in a construction area. OOOPS! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ms Julie the amazing singer/artist

She was easy going, she laughed at my snake chant ("go away snakes go away" and in my mind it works for the most part) and she sang for me... how much better can it get in a session?!


I think these first two pictures say it all. This group was too much fun! I kept cracking up in the middle of pictures and they wondered why....well not even they could keep a straight face. I don't even know what was so funny here but I loved it! 

Easy Going...

I met up with this sweet and just mellow family on Saturday. If I didn't have 2 weddings and 7 other sessions I am editing I would post more because these kids were all gorgeous to photograph. I nearly melted and thanks to Vicki was revived with water (thank you Vicki) LOL 

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fall Family Sessions Update


I just wanted to put a reminder of how quickly I book for Fall sessions. I am now booking October and have a few sessions open in September. My last family session for Christmas will be November 21st. Any session booked for after that date is not guaranteed to be ready for Christmas. 

- Christmas Card orders must be submitted by December 5th
- Christmas Card 2009 Designs will be up on my website as a gallery in two weeks. These will be set designs for you to choose from. Prices will be available on the gallery as well.
- Remember When By Raquel Gift Cards - Buy your gift card before December 15 and receive the gift certificate at a discounted price. Contact me for details. 

Busy season- I AM READY! :D

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rebecca and her Family

This is Rebecca and her beautiful family. I want everyone to know I don't abuse the word "beautiful" I have been teased in the past about this. I love everyone in my life and I find beauty in everyone. Life really is this great. I have known Rebecca for almost 6 years now and we belong to the same Book Club- the BEST book club ever! They are my monthly therapy and my best teachers. I love that this family has such great red hair! The lighting for this session was dreamy and my assistant was the best (thanks Bishop!) :D

Heather and cute family

This is my friend Heather, whom I met while living in Lehi last year. Isn't her little girl cute?! Let me tell you she made me work it. She has more personality in her little body than you, me and her mom combined. I could do a post of about 20 more of her but I'll leave her mom with this one shot.  ;)

I hope the rest of your birthday was FABULOUS. (the session was Heathers present- what a compliment!)

Evening Wedding

Amber and Roger had such a beautiful wedding and reception on Saturday evening. I realize now that I uploaded the pictures onto photobucket that they are all kissing shots... ahaha I promise Amber I took more shots, specially of your six gorgeous kids and your guests. There are some funny ones actually of you making faces at me... I'll add more pictures tomorrow. It's midnight and my eyes are cross eyed. I loved all the details from the beautiful flowers to the yummy food and the skittles! 

You were glowing- I am so HAPPY for you!

Aubrie and the girls

This is my beautiful sweet friend Aubrie. Seriously my eyes tear up because I love this girl. She is one of those friends I can have a heart to heart, she is fisty and funny and dang it does she dress nice. She lives out of State and I miss her. I also love her girls so much! They are so smart and beautiful. This little one I am going to steal and she is staying with me. She stole my heart!

Coming Soon!

I have Four posts tonight...stay tuned! 

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Allie and Rob

I might be an "average" photographer ;) But these two stole my heart in no average way! Their families were so kind and their wedding ceremony one of the sweetest I have ever photographed. Robbies dad married them and had such a great message. Inspirational. These kids come from such genuinely spiritual and good families... its no wonder why they are so amazing.