Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rain rain go away.... either way we'll play play play

This fun couple came down from Idaho to have their engagement pictures taken and we were not about to let that rain scare us away. By 6:00 pm there was a big break and beautiful light and we went and fought mosquitos off, laughed and got some great shots.

I warned Mr. Kris I was going to post how they met. These two attend BYU Idaho. I have heard many stories about the culture out there and this one made me giggle. :D I asked them "how did you meet?" and he said "I was knocking on doors trying to meet girls, her apartment door was open, we used it to start talking to them and the rest is history". ahahahahaha They went knocking on doors to meet girls! To be young again..

Darling Wedding

I could go on and on and tell you how wonderfully sweet this bride and her siblings are. They are full of personality but nothing but respect for people. I had the pleasure of photographing her brother Yader's wedding in January and I had a great time spending Friday with them again.

I suffer from allergies, mostly to pets which is why I don't have any and seldom visit anyone with pets. I know it offends people because they love their pets, but I am sorry even dogs make me very ill. Well, I was visiting my aunt Debbie who owns a dog that KILLS me every time I am around him. I thought that by morning I would feel better, when heading out at lunch time to the temple to photograph this wedding I felt just as sick I decided to take the advice of a friend and take BENADRYL for the first time ever.... by the time I started shooting this wedding I was HIGH as a bird...falling asleep standing up and the drive back to Provo for the reception was a dangerous one to say the least... so note to self: do not take benadryl! ahahaha

2011 High School Senior Rep

Isn't she just gorgeous?! And she is truthfully such a sweet girl.

What I've been up to

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