Monday, May 24, 2010

Meet Virginia

This white car pulled up behind me, I look through my rear view mirror and see this beautiful woman walking to my car. She had this calmness about her that just inspired me. I had a great time taking these pictures and she made it just way to easy for me. She was nominated for the single parent sessions I offer for free by one of my Facebook followers and I am so glad we were able to help Virginia see how beautiful she is.
This bottom one is looking way to glowy for my taste, just know it does not glow on my normal screen. LOL :S

This picture to me (below) says a thousand things. Strength is one of them. ;)

Touched my heart and soul

I don't know how to write this post without sounding sappy, overemotional or weird to some but I will write it with the up most sincerity. I met this family through a dear friend. This family has had their trials and when I did this lovely couples engagements I thought they were just simply adorable. They were kind, polite and so grateful. When I met the family t his Saturday at the temple I was overwhelmed. This overwhelming feeling with the spirit confirming to me they were all very special. All very humble. Very grateful. They don't know this but I observed a lot, and I learned a lot. They touched my heart and soul by being who they are. My friend was in charge of decorating the chapel and I was in love with what she did with the help of neighbors, friends, family and young woman. All who were so eager to help this family make this night perfect. Seriously, just an amazing day.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Great Advice and a fun picture

My friend Yahel wrote this on her status, I liked it so I am going to share here. Great advice! "Promote yourself but do not demote another". Israel salander

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Newborn Session

I had the chance to take pictures of this little angel today. He was such a good boy!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweet Sweet Family

On Saturday I sponsored a charity even (the 5k race posted last week) and I donated 4 half hour mini sessions to those who ran and supported single moms following their dreams. This beautiful little family is from out of state so we met up this morning and had a great time getting to know each other. How cute is this little guy?

Forgot one!

Lensbaby- how I love you!

Kristi and Michael

Classy, fun and beautiful. Absolutely loved shooting this wedding along side Jessica White. Let me tell you two photographers is the way to go. Specially when the photographers get along as well as Jessica and I do! I hadn't met Michael until the day of the wedding, I was pulling up to get my car parked and he was SO kind and friendly. I was impressed immediately! I have so many more of this session I want to post so maybe in between editing 12 session I can sneak some more. I had fun getting to know Kristi, her sweet family and fabulous brides maids.
this is one of my most favorite pictures. I was getting ready to walk away when I saw this embrace between Kristi and her mom, made my eyes water.

I want this one REALLY BIG ahahaha
I was in love with this 4 year old. IN LOVE

Christa's Maternity Shoot

Christa and I had started her session two weeks ago but got SNOWED out, yes I spelled it capital letters because I am so done with snow! So she then came before a bridal session I had at the orchard and we got some great shots and laughed a lot. Christa, you are so beautiful!